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Gressman Powersports Performance Services

Engine Assembly
Engine Assembly and Blueprinting

CNC block machining
CNC Block Machining

Dyno Testing
Dyno Testing

Flow Testing
Airflow Development

Gressman Powersports offers a wide variety of high performance engine related services. The quality and workmanship of the services offered are unsurpassed, and will show their worth in the performance of your completed engine.

Engine Blueprinting and Assembly

No detail is overlooked during assembly of your high performance engine at Gressman Powersports. It's this attention to detail, and the thoroughness of tolerance control that ensure you as a customer that your engine will provide lasting reliability, and superior performance.

CNC Block Machining

The accuracy of our RMC 4-axis CNC machining center is the basis for a truly blueprinted block. We've done away with the stack-up of tolerances caused by the block being passed from one machine to another for the various blueprinting operations. All block machining operations are done in one machine, from one set-up, concluding in a finished product that is within tenths of a thousandths of our input dimensions.

Dyno Testing

All engine dyno testing is done in house on our Superflow SF-900 dynamometer. This dyno has proven to be consistent and accurate to 1500+ horsepower. Dyno tuning is available for every engine built at Gressman Powersports, as well as rental time by outside businesses or individuals.

Airflow Development

Airflow is Power.... It's a simple, factual statement. The combination of airflow characteristics and valve timing events are the most important factors in successfully attaining your power requirements. At Gressman Powersports we use a Superflow SF-1020 Pro Bench, which has computerized data acquisition and analyzing software.

Available Services

  • Bore & Hone w/torque plates
  • Square Deck
  • Lifter Bushings
  • Splayed Main Cap Conversion
  • Align Bore/ Hone
  • Block Lightening
  • Balancing
  • Rod Sizing
  • Aluminum Cylinder Head Repair
  • Cylinder Head Machining
  • Flow Testing and Development of Heads, Intakes, and Throttle Bodies
  • Camshaft Design
  • Engine Design and Development
  • Engine Assembly
  • Dyno Tuning - Carb Mechanical Injection and EFI
  • Dyno Testing of Components
  • CNC Component Machining
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